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That was one of the...

Most creative and enjoyable animations I have seen on newgrounds in quite some time. A simple idea yet a great one none the less. The music fit it perfectly and this actually reminds me of things I day dream about. Anyway the point is, you should keep this up, and you did a great job.


Amazing animation, hilarious dialogue, thouroughly entertaining idea. I too must start using facebook for evil purposes. But back to the animation. This made my day and the use of the rather happy music for a less than fitting beggining and end credit scens was comic genius. And once again, your animation skills are simply awesome. Great job!

I didnt like it.....

But I'm not going to blame either Rina nor Chris. I blame the people who ketp pushing for a damn third when two was enough. I also blame the animators who came up with this atrocious collaboration. It's like Frankenstein's monster, stitched up pieces of rotted, overused, jokes. And the jokes that were'nt over used just failed to be funny. Very little thought went into the humor... if you can call it that. I was dissapointed, but once again not in Rina or Chris, but instead in the skill of the collaborators who contributed. It wasnt horrible... but it certainly wasnt good. Good luck on your other projects and hopefully if you host another collaboration you will have better participants :P

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Awesome game.

I love the surreal idea behind it all and the rather out of the ordinary tasks. And also great choice in music: It perfectly fit the feeling of your surroundings in the game. All around it's a great game.

By the way the song is called Hush Hush Hush, Here Comes the Bogey Man and its by Henry Hall

WOOT! Give us more :D

This game is too cool for school. Yeah what is the song its fricking awesome :D

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I just love this-

The beat is just so awesome, but it really the way you handled the melody that gets me. I'd love to hear the original to compare but it wouldnt be hard to believe that this would be just as good if not better. Just plain epic. Keep it coming.

UnrealReno responds:

Thanks for the compliments :D!

The original song on Youtube is in my Description / Author Comment ;)..
It's a pretty nice piece if you ask me :)!

Excellent lol.

I've always loved your completely random songs, especially Dugong, Electro Gypsy, and of course Kenya. This one however takes the cake, because out of all of those this is the most catchy. Your blessed with the uncanny ability to create odd tunes that no other person would come up with, and its awesome.


I love the guitar/mandolin/sitar/whatever that string instrument is, it just reminds me of a forest with a little pond in the center surrounded by flowers and wild life, and then it comes in with an amazing melody that just blows your mind. Great variation in the middle there as well, helps break from what would otherwise be a mildly repetitive song. Very nice job, one of my favorites.


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